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Client Queries

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 26, 2014 8:27 pm

Hi All ,

There is a short session with client to address his queries

You can check them as it can give you some idea about regular queries of all clients

Client Queries:

Difference between WMT Server & WMT Playout Server:
WMT Server WMT Playout Server
Server can handle 20 units at a time Playout can handle 1, 2 or 4 units at a time.
Server has a bigger hard disk i.e. 500Gb. Can be increased. Playout has hard disk with 60 Gb storage. Can be increased.
Server doesn’t have video output, instead it has Video Manager. You cannot connect the server to an LCD TV/Screen. Everything can be seen from within the Video Manager. In the Video Manager you can scroll down as far as you like. You can see unlimited screens at the same time; this depends on your server capacity (Multiview).
The number of clients in your multiview is also depending on the client CPU and the bitrate of the video stream.

Playout Server has a video output (hdmi, sdi, Analog). Can be connected to a SDI screen. One can see one output on a screen (Single View).


1. Can we install Web Management Portal Access on WMT server?
Yes, we can.
But, it is not possible to access WMT server through the
2. Can we download the recorded videos to the PC from WMT Server?
Yes, we can Download Server recording Exports to your PC
3. For Web Management Portal Access, Do one have to buy it? or it is already included with WMT Server?
Everything is included with the buying of Security System.

4. Is WMT Server a Video Manager?

No, the server and Video Manager are two different things. The server lets the WMT and other units connect to the server. The Video Manager lets you make the connections between a WMT and a Playout.
The Video Manager is installed on the WMT server
5. In case, we only need to display videos via multiview web application, then I don't need to use WMT Playout (no need to play video in a screen of LCD)? But what about recording?
We always need a WMT client to get the feed from. The other security based units available with us (that we are selling) are the Moxa devices. The feed needs to come from one of these. Then one can see the image inside the Video Manager. Recordings can be stored on the server, and can be viewed from the Video Manager.
6. Whether we can store video on WMT server?
Yes we can.
7. It means that WMT server can't record & store videos form WMT clients, It only for control, manage and stream video to WMT Playout servers?
The server can make Server recordings. The Playout pulls the WMT client stream from the server if the Video Manager makes this connection
8. If we don't use WMT Server, then, Can the WMT clients also connect directly to WMT Playout Server?
A Playout Server can only handle one stream. This is the same as one used to do at the client demos all the time. It won’t work like this with the security system
9. Are WMT Lite and MVP-4 supports both Wi-Fi and GPS
10. For GPS features, Can one record their GPS information on WMT Playout Server?

You can see the GPS location inside the Video Manager.
Regarding model of SL-45, is it used for what?
It has Ethernet and sim cards & you can use this inside a satellite truck for instance.

11. How many of WMT clients can receive/connect to WMT server?
Maximum 20 WMT Clients can be connected to the server at a time.

12. Please share some information of the battery for MVP-4 and 3G S? MVP is a static device & works at input voltage 24VDC (9to 48V).Whereas 4000mA Sony handycam battery is included with 3GS.

13. Whether the WMT server can record both of Video/ Audio and GPS or not?
GPS not supported yet
14. Then, user can use web Browser for access to WMT Server via online Portal?
15. In 3G-S model, does this mod for camera, have it already has an integrated camera inside or It only support video input for external camera? Or it support Audio, GPS, Wi-Fi and Video Input for analog camera?
The unit is a Samsung Galaxy S3, it has GPS and Wi-Fi included. You can connect an external analogue camera to it.
16. In case, we don't have a WMT Server, our system only has WMT clients and WMT Playout server. So please confirm whether we can use Web Management Portal Access or not?
If one connects the WMT clients and Playouts to a Video Manager than the management portal can be used as well.


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