Few Client Queries

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Few Client Queries

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 05, 2014 12:14 am

Hi All ,

There are few queries raised by client which are as follows

1. Why the Linux based operating system is better than Win based system?

A. Linux has many advantages over Windows based system some of them are as below

I. Linux is stable and doesn't hang often whereas Windows hangs a lot

II. Linux boots faster then Windows

III. Linux is not prone to Virus and other vulnerabilities whereas Windows is effected by virus. Client uses their USB Pen Drives for S and F and other task and Window system gets corrupted easily

IV. Linux utilises bandwidth better then windows as in Windows there are many features which gets connected to internet connection when available and eats much bandwidth and due to which bandwidth for Video transmission is used by other tasks

V. The majority of Linux variants and versions are notoriously reliable and can often run for months and years without needing to be rebooted but Although Microsoft Windows has made great improvements in reliability over the last few versions of Windows, it still cannot match the reliability of Linux

VI. Linux is and has always been a very secure operating system, it much more secure

2. Why the internal modem is better than external dongle besides the dongle is easily lost or stolen?

The modem are always better as each dongle will be of different chipset and will require new driver software. It is not always you will find compatible driver for new USB Dongles. Also the USB Dongle are not meant for professional use therefore error amd other problems are there

We uses Industrial Modems of Sierra which is world best manufacturer. With internal Industrial modems the user gets freedom from installation of drivers and other settings. He just has to install the SIM and unit is ready to move to any location

3. Whether your LTE (4G) system can support on 700/900/1800 and 2600 MHz band as 4G system in Taiwan has said 4 bands.

Our unit support almost all variant. We have to change and install new modem depending upon the network in a particular region

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