How to sell Mobile Viewpoint products over the LiveU LU500 model

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How to sell Mobile Viewpoint products over the LiveU LU500 model

Post by Admin on Thu May 01, 2014 12:30 am

Dear reseller,

Find below a nice overview of arguments in case you have to compete with the LU 500 system of LIVEU.


It has come to our attention that with the recent launch of LiveU's LU500 model, that many customers feel that the LU500 is a very good product. The reason that they feel this way is because of the marketing that LiveU is doing. Here are the main points that LiveU promotes and I have provided an answer to their claims and a reason why we are still better.

1. LiveU claims the LU500 is built on Linux ... NOT TRUE ... We are built on a TRUE Linux platform, whereas LiveU is running virtual Linux. This means that they are running Linux on top of a Windows platform. Therefore, all the previous problems that LiveU had with Windows, such as crashing, driver issues and constant updates being required are still an issue. If Windows crashes then their virtual Linux will not work. There is nothing better about the new software than any of their previous models or versions.

2. LiveU claims that their boot time is 30 seconds ... TRUE ... However, our boot time is probably less, yet this has nothing to do with transmission. The true test of boot time is LIVE TO AIR. Our units are connected and can transmit video live to air in under 90 seconds. This is not the case for LiveU. They still require an average of 3 minutes before the modems are connected and able to transmit. Do not be fooled by their marketing.

3. LiveU has no external antenna's ... TRUE ... This is actually a negative point. All our units have external antenna's and an additional high gain dome antenna if required. Do not under estimate this very important point. Having external antenna's provides a significant advantage and we are the only company that has this across the entire platform of products.

4. LiveU is small and compact ... TRUE ... However, our units are just as small and compact. The difference is that when LiveU made their units smaller, they did not address the modem configuration and for this reason their modems are placed very close together. Placing the modems so close together causes interference amongst the modems and actually reduces the quality of the signal due to congestion. Our units are just as small and our modems are placed in a proven and ideal arrangement to avoid any interference between them.

5. LiveU offers SDI/HDMI/Composite Inputs ... TRUE ... However, they do no offer everything on one unit. We offer all 3 inputs whereas LiveU offers either SDI/Composite or HDMI. The customer must choose which model they want which limits the customer to using specific camera with each unit. This is not the case with our units.

6. LiveU has better picture quality ... NOT TRUE ... LiveU actually uses more bandwidth than the MVP units which means they consume more data and are more expensive to operate in the long run. LiveU uses a technology called FORWARD ERROR CORRECTION. For this technology, they are required to reserve bandwidth for this process. This means that if you have 6 Mbps available, all LiveU units will block 2Mbps for this forward error correction which means that you only have 4Mbps available for video transmission. Therefore the video transmission is only consuming 4Mbps but in total the unit is consuming 6Mbps. This leads to extra costs and the fact that they have to do forward error correction is because they have very poor software and their algorithm is not sophisticated enough. MVP units do no use forward error correction. If there is 6Mbps available and we only need 4Mbps for video transmission then we will only consume that much data which means it is a cheaper solution to operate. Our software platform and algorithm's are very robust and sophisticated. For this reason, we are not required to do forward error correction to produce an even better picture quality that LiveU would using 6Mbps.

I hope this clarifies some of the questions that you may face from customers in regards to LiveU.


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