Racing Scenario

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Racing Scenario

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:30 pm

Hi all,

One of my clients came up with a scenario where there is a need to have a live coverage from the racing field. The TX will be somewhere in the circuit from where all the cars can be overseen. The RX/server will be at the studio which is inside the circuit. A commentator will be at the studio commenting on the actual race from the field NOT the ingest obtained at the playout. Since the ingest will be having some delays and will be lagging behind the actual race, they want to make sure that both the commentator and the video output are synchronized. Can this be possible?

A suitable solution would be when the commentator comments as per the ingest itself such that there is no effect of delay. Or, the commentator's voice should be broadcasted with the same amount of delay as the ingest such that they are synchronized when viewed from TV.

Does anyone have different ideas? Please share!


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