Understanding CPT Mode

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Understanding CPT Mode

Post by Sam on Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:39 am

Although everyone has been trained and explanations have been provided to all staff, regarding CPT Mode, what it is and how it works.  Customers are still being provided the incorrect information.  Please understand that CPT Mode is a very specific mode used in very specific circumstances.  It cannot be told to customers that our units work in areas with low bandwidth because we have the ability to operate in CPT Mode.  This is completely false and very misleading.  CPT Mode was created to provide a dual buffering solution for transmitting video during times of BANDWIDTH FLUCTUATION ONLY !!!  This means that you cannot operate in CPT Mode when you have continuously low bandwidth conditions.  CPT Mode requires and average overall bandwidth over a given period of time in order to process the video from the front end buffering.  CPT Mode works best in conditions where bandwidth fluctuates from low to high or vice versa, but you are still able to achieve an overall average bandwidth over a given period of time in order to send the video without any packet loss or frame drop.  This mode works best when traveling over large distances where you may have low bandwidth or lose bandwidth sporadically, however, you are also having good bandwidth in certain areas so that the minimum average is able to be achieved.  If you are in areas of continuous low bandwidth or no bandwidth, you are better off using a very long latency or store/forward.

Please understand this concept, as customers are being promised attributes of a technology that does not exist and cannot be achieved.


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