IFB Settings for point to Point set up

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IFB Settings for point to Point set up

Post by shashi sharma on Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:02 pm

Hi All,

*Server Settings

Audio recorder Setting or IFB Settings
In the audio player configuration contains the audio retour or IFB settings. In case of a point to‐point set‐up the settings need to be done manually. When using a point‐to‐point set‐up make sure the audio player is enabled. Configure the right URL to retrieve the audio stream (RTSP). The URL should be configured compliant with the one configured in the playout. When using factory settings these are the default settings:
The URL Should be
rtsp://[ip]/playout‐[serial no playout ].sdp
For example: rtsp://‐7320.sdp

* Transmitter Settings

In point to point communication we need do some changes in Transmitter end as well. Please do the steps listed below.
1). Take the access of Tx. Unit manually (Via direct connect the Laptop with unit)and Disable the Videomanager .
2). Then go to Audio player and put the URL.
3). URL Should be rtsp://[Static ip]/playout‐[serial no playout ].sdp
For Example: rtsp//‐7320.sdp

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